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Freestanding Display cases

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Portable Display cases

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Dining room showcase for homes

The dining room showcase has always been a somewhat controversial topic.

Different dining room showcases materials:

  • Natural wood dining room showcase are perfect for very old-fashioned dining rooms.
  • Painted wood showcases are ideal for slightly more modern and colorful dining rooms.
  • Wooden showcases that are only varnished are ideal for homes with a more sophisticated style.

In addition to all this, their uses are quite varied, ranging from antiques to ceramic objects.

Above all it’s your satisfaction.

However, you can contact us for more information!

Diamond-style showcase

Diamond-style display cabinets are ideal for displaying various accessories that will match your products.
Within these accessories are varied, most can even be placed mannequins when there are no shelves.
In addition to all this, this kind of diamond showcase will give your business an unprecedented elegance.
The showcase has predetermined measurements of 1.20 wide and 1.80 high, but, you will always be able to choose them.

If you have any question, just contact us!

Diamond showcase

Our variety

Our variety

The variety of products you will find with us will be unimaginable, always having the opportunity to create your new design specific to your needs.

Our commitment

Always deliver your products in the best conditions, making you feel safe of your purchase.
Giving you guarantee and coverage for any doubt you may have with your product.

Our range

of showcases will always be available for you, from the most basic to the most complex.
From the Deltof type to the exhibition type

If you have an order, would like a quote or simply have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our range of showcases!

Display cabinets

Display cabinets. They have two points of view:

  • Product or brand: increase and visibility above all.
  • Store: attract the public.

Display cabinets

Must work with communication standards: highlighting creativity and merchandise so the store is more attractive. His elements are:

  • Color: the color like all type of people therefore feel attract to the store
  • Line: a figure can determinate an entire environment
  • Lighting: this is vital for the showcase and mannequins

Key elements

  • Product
  • Background
  • Differentiating tool

Types of display

  • Closed: communicates exclusivity above all
  • Open: show the store and shopping environment however the costumer see what he wants.
  • Semi-closed: focus on exclusivity and shopping atmosphere in other words you choose

high quality display cases

High quality Display Cases in Canada

high quality display casesOur high quality glass display cases are hand made in the USA and are shipped anywhere in the USA or CANADA fully assembled and ready to be used. Our clients really appreciate all the details and workmanship we put into each any everyone of our custom made display cases.  Our customers often contact us years later with compliments about our glass display cases and how these units have lasted even 20 to 30 years after they were first delivered and installed.
If you are an individual or a fortune 500 company in need of 1 or 100 glass display cases, you can rest assured that you will be receiving nothing but the highest quality jewelry display cases or any other kind of glass display cases on time and in perfect condition.

Pedestal showcases in Canada

Pedestal showcases. Beautiful showcases for its characteristic design. These showcases are designed with a special base. We can make quadrangular bases, bases with long legs, bases with bevels and special structures or bases with moldings. The pedestal showcases serve to give a more elegant appearance to your store. Commonly used for stores of recognized brands, jewelry stores, watch stores, eyeglass stores and more. Always are an excellent option to highlight your products.

In addition to these showcases we can also offer: tower showcases, suspended showcases, hexagonal cabinets, octagonal showcases, hanging showcases, wall upright showcases and many more. If you are imagined a showcase and you do not see it in our gallery, contact us, we can make any design for you.

About us

About us – Display Cases Canada

Let’s talk about us. DC creates the right store fixtures solutions, with high quality strategies and designs, within your budget and schedules for your business projects.

No matter size, shape or color.

About usWhatever the product for exhibition, your project will be better executed if you consider a professional image for retail, as well as a specific strategy adapted to the operations of your business.

It does not matter if you are starting or have a lot of time in the industry, experts are here to make everything work perfectly. Our team work have what you need to create the perfect environment for your business. When buying with us, we make sure to deliver well-designed and high-quality showcases according to your target market. Check how easy it is to furnish your places with style in a functional way.

We design, manufacture and deliver furniture for stores throughout the country, for franchises, exhibition halls, stores, museums, schools and much more. We manufacture custom showcases, exhibitors, counter showcases, retail kiosks, retail carts and more.This is one of the most important things about us.

Display Cases Canada makes it for you.

The experience we have in the production capacity, allows us to create anything that you imagine. Our designers, engineers and material experts work to develop unique products. Contact us to explore the unique finishes and colors that our materials and processes can offer in your business.

Souvenir Kiosks and Carts

Souvenir Kiosks to all USA

Souvenir kiosks. We have a line of souvenir kiosks that you will love. Each of our kiosks goes through a process of quality control. And because of this we can ensure that any kiosk you choose from our collection will be of the highest quality. Our kiosks are manufactures with aluminum extension and covered with laminate of different textures. You can choose between solid colors, woods, metallic or architectural textures. It also includes storage areas with locks and high-tech LED lights in energy saving. Do not hesitate and contact us to buy your next kiosk. We are waiting for your call

Custom Display Cases

Custom Display Cases

Are you looking for custom display cases? Call us! In Display-Cases we have more than two decades designing showcases for any business. Our experience has allowed us to fine-tune the design and manufacturing process to deliver unique showcases.

Custom Display Cases

The first stage of our custom display cases is the design. The designers of our team can draw for you the showcase that you are imagining. The design has no extra cost. They will help you choose the best materials and finishes so that your display case looks simply beautiful. Once the design is ready, the engineers manufacture the pieces to build your showcase. In the assembly area the last parts of each showcase are detailed: lighting, glass shelves, levelers or rims, etc. If you want a custom display case, contact us, let us help you.

4 tips to start your business with a retail kiosk

If you plan to invest in a business in a retail kiosk or cart, keep reading. This information is very useful for you.

1- Choose a good location.

If the retail kiosk is in a place where pass only five cars daily and 20 people walking, do not expect big sales. The location must be strategically selected. It is always advisable to have public buildings or companies nearby (schools, factories, hospitals).

2- You must have annother income.

Many people think that they can start a business and a month will have a salary to live. A business of this type needs a lot of investment for the first few months. The most advisable thing is that the time to start up is the least recommended to win a year.

3- Understand how much you earn.

Often people do not have much idea of ​​numbers, and when asked, they do not know much about their profit. When you own, what you have is a profit that can be calculated daily, or monthly.

4- Employees. yes or no?

The fact of having to attend a business several hours a day, leads to think if necessary. In many cases it is very difficult to pay an employee’s salary with the business profits of the first months. Ideally, anticipate and reserve the part of the money to pay the first salary beyond the sales you have.

These are four tips that were very helpful when starting your business. If you want more information from kiosks and carts, contact us, you can help.