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Cases for museums

There are some basic designs and construction differences that we need to consider in a museum display case.

Environmental- Does your case hold an environment that is different from the rest of the museum or at least buffer the variations that occur on a daily basis?  Even if your museum has state of the art climate control, daily heat and cool cycles, major climatic shifts such as weather fronts, and influx of visitors can change your environment quickly.  One way to alleviate the problem is to add gaskets and silica compartments to your cases.

Climitization– A case that can hold an environment should also be able to control the environment. The use of various techniques can keep a museum case at a certain humidity level even when the surrounding museum environment varies slightly from day to day.  All of these systems should be specified to have a separate access point to the display area.  You should be able to open the mechanical areas of a case without opening the display area.  This helps to keep an already buffered area stable and is better for security.

Counter Display Cases – Especially made for Museum and Galleries

If you are looking for counter display cases made specifically for a museum or gallery, you will want to speak with one of our representatives.

We not only manufacture display cases but we also prepare all the designs and layouts that are required for museums and galleries all over the USA and Canada.

Because counter display cases and tower showcases are some of the more popular designs, we obviously are able to offer our customers nearly 400 different kind of counter and pedestal showcase designs in any shape, size or color.

Counter Display Cases for Museums

Counter Display Cases

Display Cases for the Canadian Space Agency.

The pictures below are archival display cases we have build for the Canadian Space Agency.

Archival Display Cabinets

Archival Glass Showcase

Art Showcases

Art Display Cases

Display Cases in all SHAPES, SIZES and COLOURS!

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