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  • have the world’s largest catalog of showcases, counters, display racks, retail store fixtures, retail kiosks and retail carts.

  • In addition to inventing the best catalog online, innovation has been behind improve showcases, it's packaging, manufacture and construction, commercial transportation, e-commmerce and sales marketing over the past 30 years.

  • Among the solutions markets are exhibition products, showcases, and counters, as well as retail kiosks and carts, in addition to its expertise in other retail store fixtures such as display racks and display cases.

  • Best quality, service and price are an integral part of operating practices and the product design and engineering it provides to customers.

  •'s Aluminium Extrusion System makes our glass showcases and glass display cases sturdy and extremely durable. That is why the largest exhibit and rental companies in Canada and the USA choose our high-end showcases and display cases.

  • manufacture Custom Glass Showcases and Glass Display Cases in any size, shape, and colour.

  • have the largest selection of display showcases available. If you happen not to come across the exact thing you are looking for, we will make it for you. Also keep in mind that we do not charge extra if the display case you want is a custom design.